Africa University

 First Church has pledged to raise $3,000 for Africa University in Zimbabwe, a safe haven of education and training for students from many African countries such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. With families rarely earning more than $40 a month, higher education at $2,400 per student is beyond their reach. We support both the university and scholarships for the students.

Our district hopes contribution from all its churches will total $1.6 million for AU. $1 million would endow a chair in agriculture and the rest would fund scholarships.

Founded in 1992, Africa University, in Mutare, Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, is the first United Methodist-related univer sity in sub-Saharan Africa. Its graduates work to provide leadership on the African continent and around the world as they seek to mitigate suffering, alleviate poverty and equip people to improve their quality of life.

Founded in 1992, this Pan African institution is the first private university chartered in Zimbabwe. About 1,200 full-time students are enrolled annually. Students come from 27 countries, with an almost even split between men and women. Although the university is United Methodist related, students are members of various denominations or practice traditional African religions.