Ishe Anesu

Founded and led by missionary Marie Humbane, the Ishe Anesu Project in Mutare, Zimbabwe is part of the United Methodist Church's Global Ministries.

Ishe Anesu is an after-school project for the poorest of the poor children, offering two meals a day as well as recreation, homework assistance, and instruction in Christian education and values, social and family ethics. The project provides funds to pay for tuition, fees and school uniforms as well.

The mothers of the children also benefit. Many work at the school cooking and sewing, knitting and crocheting— skills that also help their families.

As part of the spring mission trip to Africa, Pastor Lana Robyne visited with several of the graduates of this program, including three who are now attending Africa University. Two others are attending other universities and three are interning at Nyadiri Teacher Training College. Since the program began in 1998, more than 45 students have graduated from its high school.

 Ishe Anesu and Hilltop UMC are working to secure approval to house orphans in a new home they built on site.