Memorial Garden & Columbarium

The Gardens and Columbarium at First Church are situated below the three crosses located on the west end of the property. The gardens provide a place for meditation, reflection, and prayer. This inspirational burial site is available for current and past members and ministers of First Church and their families.

The gardens currently contain 70 niches. Each niche includes a standard cylinder for cremains, and a bluestone faceplate engraved with the name of the person inurned as well as the dates of birth and death.  The location of each niche purchased is determined by the purchaser.

  • Witness to life in God and in God's Church
  • Continuation of tradition of the fellowship of saints past and present at the church
  • Ease of visits by family and friends
  • No demands on family for upkeep
  • Ability to move niche with the congregation to another location if property changes
  • Reasonableness of cost
  • Part of payment is tax-deductible
  • Environmental stewardship, using less land
Fee and arrangement information

Advance subscriptions are encouraged, as the current number of spaces is limited. Two purchase plans are available:
  • Plan A: $2,000 paid in full up front upon execution of the contract.
  • Plan B: $1,000 paid up front upon execution of the contract, with two equal payments of $600 each occurring in year two and year three, resulting in a total payment of $2,200

Contact the church office for details 765-743-1285.

The St. John Memorial Gardens and Columbarium were established in honor of Ruth and Virgil St. John, by their daughters and families. They are operated and maintained in accordance with state and local regulations by the Memorial Gardens and Columbarium Operations Committee, which reports to the trustees of First Church.